Obligatory “Into the Sunset” Goodbye Photo

Dear Readers, Supporters, Silent Observers & Industry Folk Who Actually Noticed this Website,

In the last few months you may have noticed how lifeless this website has become. At its peak, two to three new blog posts were popping up each week and the calendar of events was quite full. The site was even redesigned this summer, web traffic was at an all time high, and followers on social media were rapidly increasing. So what the hell happened? Well, instead of documenting the industry, I decided in August to join its ranks as Executive Director of the San Francisco Brewers Guild. As of today, Bay Area Craft Beer will no longer be updated in the foreseeable future.

As much as I want to continue updating the calendar and producing in-depth local coverage about craft beer that’s hard to find, both online and in print, I knew I wouldn’t be able to keep up with the tremendous amount of time and energy it required. When I wasn’t working in beer, the prospect of gathering material from breweries, writing stories, or editing photos for up to five hours after an 8 hour work day, was something I looked forward to doing. Okay, not all the time. Sometimes it was a grind, but for the most part I enjoyed the process even though I was logging 10 to 25 hours per week working on the site.

Now, I do a lot of those tasks, and far more, during the day and it’s harder to motivate myself beyond the workday. The prospect of decompressing with a good book or magazine, having the time to meet a friend, or simply attending a beer event and not “covering” it, is much more appealing. In addition to recouping lost free time, I also want to focus my energy on the new job, it’s challenges, and future.

I certainly have mixed feelings about letting this site go dormant. For many people the calendar portion was a useful tool. Instead of having to visit 20 different websites or scrolling through a ton of social media feeds to find events, people could find a good chunk of that info all in one place. My apologies for letting it slip into oblivion. That dilemma actually drove me to create the site in the first place, other than having an interest in producing stories and photos about craft beer that I could hardly find elsewhere. I will still continue to write, take photos and share them when I have the time and energy, but they’ll appear on AllOverBeer.com, my first beer blog.

Before signing off, I want to profusely thank a few people who contributed to the website or kept me motivated when I was ready to call it quits. Kelsey Williams, John Heylin, Jen Muehlbauer, Dave McAvoy, Matt Amaral and Fred Abercrombie gave the site unique material and a voice I couldn’t offer. I’m grateful for the time and energy they devoted to their stories, reviews and cartoons. I also want to thank Ken Weaver for a series of pep talks over beers that boosted my confidence and desire to keep going when it was sorely needed. Finally, thanks to all of you who visited the site, read the material, commented, or provided me with content. In many ways, without you, this site wouldn’t have lasted as long as it did. Cheers!


Brian Stechschulte