21st Amendment Releases Hop Crisis

21st Amendment Brewery Hop Crisis

21st Amendment Brewery has announced the release of Hop Crisis, an oak-aged Imperial IPA that hits 94 IBU’s and 9.7% alcohol. Last year the beer won a silver medal at the 2010 Great American Beer Festival in the highly competitive Imperial IPA category. This years release promises to be just as tasty and hop numbing.

“21st Amendment co-founder and Brewmaster Shaun O’Sullivan says of the idea behind the beer, “We really wanted to do something different with an Imperial IPA. Aside from the higher alcohol and intense hop bitterness, we felt aging the beer on oak would add some additional layers of flavor. Because oak can overwhelm the hops, we chose a light, subtle oak character to accentuate the dry hop bitterness and add a unique character to the beer.”

“The graphics on our four-pack box tell the story of convicts Nico and Shaun’s adventure to Free the Hops,” noted co-founder Nico Freccia.  “A daring escape through the sewer pipe, surfing monster waves while being chased by a great white shark and a high speed getaway on the San Francisco cable car are all part of the adventure,” he adds. “We just really felt we had an opportunity to have some fun with this beer.”

The beer will be available on draft and in four-pack cans throughout the Bay Area on June 16.