Sunny Hoedown Celebration for Speakeasy Beer

The Butchertown Hoedown, Speakeasy’s 14th Anniversary party, took place this past Saturday at the brewery in the Bayview-Hunters Point neighborhood of San Francisco. A bevy of food trucks lined the parking lot, bands performed knee slapping music and three beer stations with new brews kept the reported 2,000 revelers happy all afternoon.

Headlining the festivity was Speakeasy’s latest creation, Butchertown Black Ale, the first installment of their new Bootlegger Limited Series. The roasty black IPA is infused with Cascade, Amarillo and Chinook hops. You can expect a new beer in this series to pop up every two months.

Not to be outdone, the new Dolores Pale Ale was also tapped for the first time and served alongside all your favorites like Big Daddy IPA, White Lighting, Betrayal Ale and Payback Porter just to name a few.

Photos © Brian Stechschulte

Libations did not stop at beer. The Broken Record and Church Key teamed up to offer three beer cocktails.  The Jefe de Jefe was part Bloody Mary, part Michelada that relied on Big Daddy for the punch. Vice Lightning combined passion fruit with the White Lightning Wheat, and for dessert, Payback Porter, root beer, sugar and a dollop of heavy cream, when shaken, became Sarsparilla Kush. Ritual Coffee also setup shop so the tired and weary could get their fix.

Once guests scored a drink they could choose to top their stomach off with a healthy dose of street food from the Rib Whip, Tacoliscious, Le Truc or Pizza Politana. The large number of food options was a big improvement over last year’s event and appeared greatly appreciated.

Le Truc

By late afternoon the fog crept back in while the last bit of twang echoed out the brewery door. Misisipi Mike and the Midnight Gamblers, Andrew Blair and Ross Warner, Whisky Pills Fiasco and Pocket Full of Rye provided the tunes. Overall, Speakeasy Beer turned the festivities up a notch at this year’s anniversary celebration.