Pacific Brewing Laboratory Poised to Sell Beer


Occasionally big news arrives in small packages. In this case, three words and a single photo via Twitter, courtesy of Pacific Brewing Laboratory co-founder Patrick Horn. The tweet was simple and to the point, “Here we go!,” with an image of Horn standing alongside a notice of application to sell alcoholic beverages.

With little explanation the message left some avid followers with more questions then answers, but it’s clear they’re moving forward with business plans.

Pacific Brewing Laboratory Patrick Horn

Patrick Horn. Photo provided by Pacific Brewing Laboratory.

As it turns out, Horn and brewing partner Bryan Hermannsson have begun the stressful licensing process and signed a contract brewing agreement with Devil’s Canyon Brewery in Belmont, which is where the photo was taken. This method will allow Horn and Hermannsson to establish their brand in the marketplace without having to build their own brewery from the ground up at tremendous cost. “If everything goes well, we hope to be selling kegs in October,” according to Horn.

Since March of 2010 they’ve been hosting bi-weekly brewing parties in their SOMA garage that have become increasingly popular. Guests come for free beer and get up close and personal with the brewing process. In recent months the crowds have swelled making it hard to keep the beer flowing. It’s a good problem and a source of confidence they’ll need for this big leap.

So what beer can we expect if everything goes as planned? At the moment they’ve decided to brew their popular Hibiscus Saison and Squid Ink Black IPA.