Lupulin for Lupus Fundraiser Taking Place at Tied House

The camaraderie of the brewing industry often extends to uniting around a cause. One of the latest is the Lupulin for Lupus Fundraiser organized by Peter Estaniel, author of the BetterBeerBlog. The 2nd annual event will take place at the Tied House in Mountain View on October 7 at 5pm.

All you have to do is show up for a $5 pint of beer served from donated firkins courtesy of Drake’s Brewing, Firehouse Brewery, Tied House and probably a few more. The proceeds will benefit the Lupus Foundation of America.

According to Estaniel, the fundraiser originated as a “knee-jerk reaction to a failed collaborative blog post, that slowly morphed into a crazy homebrew experiment and ended up being something very personal to my family and very real.”

The event was inspired by a close family friend who’s living with Lupus, an unpredictable and painful autoimmune disease that can attack any number of organs in the body. It’s currently estimated that five million people suffer from a form of the disease worldwide. Improvements in diagnosis and treatment methods have improved, but there’s currently no cure.

What’s Lupulin you might ask? That’s the sticky yellow powder buried at the base of hop leaves, which provide the wonderful aroma and bitterness beer lovers crave.

So if you’re free please stop in for a tremendous beer and a great cause. For more information or if you would like to make a donation, visit the event website.