Photo & Video Recap: The Bay Brewed Rock & Roll Beer Festival

Photos © Brian Stechschulte

A sold out crowd of 300 people piled into the depression era Verdi Club this past Saturday for the first edition of The Bay Brewed Rock & Roll Beer Festival. City Beer Store, the San Francisco Brewers Guild and local indie music experts The Bay Bridged hosted the event. Performances by Terry Malts, Extra Classic, Sleepy Sun and Weekend stretched over five hours in that order.

Participating breweries nearly surrounded the dance floor. Members of the SF Brewers Guild, which included Anchor Brewing, Magnolia Brewing, 21st Amendment, Social Kitchen, Speakeasy and the Beach Chalet, occupied one side, while Ale Industries, Marin Brewing, Lagunitas and Drake’s Brewing sat along the other wall.

Festivities got off to a thrashing start with Terry Malts, but the crowd didn’t follow suite until the beer started to take effect and the lights began to dim. Most of the breweries served standard selections, but there were a few exceptions. 21st Amendment brought a keg of Allies Win the War, Lagunitas cracked a few bottles of Lagunitas Sucks Holiday Ale, and Marin Brewing brought their tasty chocolate Air Porter. A few taps ran dry early, but most of them lasted until nearly the end of the last set.

Overall the event appeared to be a resounding success. The crowd had ample space to roam and jump around, beer lines moved quickly and each performance was outstanding. The Bay Brewed should become an annual event.

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Beers & Bands Unite For The Bay Brewed: A Rock & Roll Beer Festival

Live music at any beer festival is typically treated as background noise. That’s not to say it isn’t appreciated, but beer is always the main promotional draw. Organizers of The Bay Brewed: A Rock and Roll Beer Festival, are hoping to change that scenario by pairing local beers and bands on equal footing at the Verdi Club in San Francisco on December 3rd, from 2-7pm.

The event hosts include local indie music experts The Bay Bridged, City Beer Store and the SF Brewers Guild. For $45 in advance or $55 at the door, you’ll be treated to music from Weekend, Sleepy Sun, Extra Classic and Terry Malts. You’ll also be handed a commemorative mug that can be refilled with unlimited tastings from 21st AmendmentAnchor BrewingBeach ChaletDrake’s BrewingLagunitasMagnolia Pub, Marin BrewingSocial Kitchen and Speakeasy Ales & Lagers.

You should also know that your money will benefit The Bay Bridged non-profit, which is “committed to two principal purposes: 1) educating the public about the San Francisco Bay Area independent music community and encouraging public support of local independent music; and 2) providing Bay Area musicians with unique opportunities to receive public exposure and create original musical works.”

So if you love local music and beer, head over to the event website where you can listen to samples from the participating bands and purchase tickets.