On the eve of Super Bowl Sunday Beer Revolution in Oakland celebrated its first anniversary. Owners Rebecca and Fraggle opened the bottle shop and taproom in the midst of a sluggish economy, but a steady schedule of special events and the great selection have solidified the stores reputation. The venue has become a destination for the entire craft beer community.

The festivities got off to a slow start when the doors remained closed a half hour past opening. Early arrivals twitched and paced with anticipation pondering the delay. Little did they know, Rebecca and Fraggle were still putting the final touches on the expanded tap list and spanking new chalkboards containing forty-two draft beers. Once the doors opened they bounced between customers until reinforcements arrived at 4:00pm, which allowed them to relax and toast their success.

The new chalkboards contain a ton of draft options.

A glass of Chairman’s Little Red from Iron Springs Brewery served from a firkin.

A magnum of St. Feullien Triple being poured for the toast.

Rebecca & Fraggle (center) toast success.

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