Beer Dinners: How Much Are You Willing to Pay? (Poll)

Monks Kettle Braised Beef Cheeks

Multiple courses, rare beers and brewers waxing on about food pairings have become the standard ingredients for the ever-popular beer dinner. Just about every brewery is getting into the act, either partnering with restaurants or serving up delicious meals in their own dining rooms. They can be geared towards education, utter decadence, or even become a circus sideshow.

The grandiosity of the event usually dictates the cost for attendees (not necessarily quality), which can vary anywhere between $25 and $195 per person. A lot of different factors go into setting the price point: location, number of seats, courses, ingredients and rarity of beers. Thankfully, there’s seems to be a dinner for every palate and budget. We’re wondering what’s the most amount of money you would be willing to spend on a beer dinner?

In the comments below the poll feel free to share your thoughts about the cost of beer dinners, what you think makes a beer dinner special, and any memorable meals you’ve had that were paired with beer. Thanks for sharing!

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Would You Drink Non-Alcoholic Craft Beer?

In our story about Uncommon Brewers we revealed that brewmaster Alen Stefansky is working on a non-alcoholic beer with a future release date. According to the story’s author John Heylin “if he hadn’t told us it was non-alcoholic, I probably wouldn’t have noticed.”

This left us wondering how many of you would willingly drink a craft beer that contains less then 0.5% alcohol? Please vote and feel free to sound off in the comment area.  We would love to know what you think.

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