Russian River Brewing Company has announced the release date for Pliny the Younger, February 4, 2011. Word of the release was disclosed on the company blog today along with some new rules that will help keep the beer flowing:

“We are releasing Younger at our pub in Santa Rosa on February 4th. When the pub receives its allocation, those kegs will be allocated to last for exactly 2 weeks. Therefore, we may run out at the pub each day, but will have more the following day for 2 weeks. It will be available in 10 oz. glasses only- no growlers or bottles to go. This will allow more beer enthusiasts like you, as well as our regular customers, to enjoy some Younger this year! And we won’t see it on Ebay!

Following are the markets to which we will send Younger (same as last year):

San Francisco
East Bay
North Bay
Southern California
Seattle, WA
Portland, OR
Philadelphia, PA”

Some people will certainly be disappointed with the rules, but ensuring better access to this rare and sought after beer will certainly make more customers happy.

Update 2/5/2011: Bay Area Craft Beer chronicled the inaugural day via social media feeds. Check out the festivities here.