While everyone’s been frustrated with dysfunctional government on the federal level, the California legislature was busy passing AB 1014, which exempts breweries from the heavy-duty requirements laid out in the California Retail Food Code.

The bill, sponsored by Assemblyman Nathan Fletcher and Wesley Chesbroreceived unanimous bi-partisan support in both houses and was signed into law by Governor Brown late yesterday afternoon.

Craft breweries will now be able to serve beer at production facilities without having to spend thousands of dollars on renovations to comply with code that necessitated special sinks, paint, plumbing and countless other measures that typically target restaurants and food production facilities.

From the Office of Assemblyman Fletcher:

“At a time when many small businesses are struggling it is good to see the Legislature pass a bill that will provide real regulatory relief,” said Assemblyman Fletcher. “This bill will save small business owners like breweries tens of thousands of dollars allowing them to grow their businesses and hire more employees.”

Wineries were already exempt from these requirements and now breweries are on the same footing, as long as they only sell prepackaged food.

Passage of this bill is a momentous occasion that could play a big role in the future success of craft beer. Now consumers can look forward to tasting rooms popping up in breweries all over California in the years to come.