Want to play a role in building a brewery right in your own backyard? Regan and Sara from Local Brewing Company have launched a Kickstarter campaign and need your support to set up shop in San Francisco.

“The premise behind Local Brewing Co. is to encourage local involvement and feedback to create approachable, sessionable beer. A true brewery + tap room built by locals, for locals.

Local Brewing Co. beers have been tested and refined by local San Franciscans, and now our brewery will have the same input from supporters. Our goal is to open a brewery + tap room in San Francisco that supports the local community.

Your support will determine the size of Local Brewing Co.’s initial brewhouse. A brewhouse — the actual equipment used to brew beer — is the most critical part of a brewery; it’s also one of the most expensive purchases, and it dictates the volume of production for a brewery.”

The campaign is up and running for the next 40 days and the goal is to raise a minimum of $69,000. If they gather more funds then the brewery will get bigger and the beer will go farther.

During the campaign Regan and Sara are encouraging the community to come out and try their Glen Park Ale before donating. Bars and taprooms around the region will be hosting events in support of their efforts. The first event is tonight at Kilowatt in San Francisco starting at 6:30pm. As future events are announced they’ll be posted on the BACB calendar. Important note, Local Brewing cannot use the proceeds from beer sales during these events to fund the brewery (licensing, legalities, blah, blah, blah.)

Bay Area Craft Beer has a soft spot for up and coming breweries, so please show your support for Local Brewing Company. You can donate as little as $5 or more depending on the number of goodies you would like to receive in return; stickers, glasses, clothing and even beer!

Check out their inspiring campaign video.


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