Imagine this scenario on November 6th. You arrive at your polling place and head to the voting booth. Inside you find two beer bottles with Obama and Romney labels staring back at you. Your task is to pick one, open it and pour the beer in your commemorative “I Voted” glass. It’s that easy, at least in my dream.

You can find the closest thing to reality at Half Moon Bay Brewing. They’ve just released a limited edition brew called Pillar Point Pale Alection on draft and in bottles, which have Obama or Romney’s grinning headshot on the label. Faux ballots and two-sided coasters with the same image will also be available at the brewery so you can plant your glass and spill beer on either candidate.

The beer, which curiously fills both candidates bottles, is classic English Pale Ale, not an American version. It was made with Maris Otter Malt, East Kent Goldings hops and came in at 4.8% alcohol by volume. I have to assume this choice is a nod to America’s English roots? Didn’t we win the Revolutionary War?

Candidate themed beers would have been nice. Obama could have been a Socialist Lager for the masses who supports “big beer,” while Romney could have been a Venture Capital IPA, made with the least amount of ingredients and labor possible, that’s then sold at a high price. In the end, I guess Half Moon Bay believes both men are of similar substance.

You can cast your vote now at the brewery or wait till the twenty-two ounce bottles start arriving in stores throughout the Bay Area after June 22. The beer will be available until November.

By the way, Half Moon Bay Brewing is no stranger to mixing beer and politics. They regularly host an event on the first Thursday of every month called Brews & Views, which is a free public forum and moderated discussion that typically features a special guest who’s an expert in the chosen topic.

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