Trying to choose favorites is always a contentious proposition. Inevitably, something or someone doesn’t make the cut and disagreement lies around every corner. Beer is no different. In fact, its breadth and complexity can cause all sorts of verbal tussles. Just troll the forums of RateBeer or BeerAdvocate and you’ll see just how ugly things can get.

The Bay Area Beer Bloggers decided to put their toes in this murky water and chose their favorite beers made in Northern California to “honor the region’s rich craft beer heritage and encourage everyone to try the diverse selection of beer.” It’s a casual yet serious selection of mouth-watering choices ranging from stouts to Belgians and barleywine. Don’t expect a strict numerical ranking. Beers are grouped according to style, include a description and vary in number.

If you want to see how your taste buds measure in comparison, check the list out at