One Tun Imperial Stout by Firehouse Brewery

There’s a brewery hidden on South Murphy in Sunnyvale that’s truly a real gem and holds its own next to the plethora of big name breweries in the Bay Area. Led by brewer Steve Donohue (interview), Firehouse Brewery doesn’t have a ton of tap space, but the quality of the brews, without a doubt, makes up for it.

In case you’re not convinced, some of their beer gets distributed to the rest of the Bay Area. Bottles of the crowd favorite Hops on Rye IPA can be found in select stores so you can give the Firehouse brews a try for yourself. Recently, a second beer made its way into bottles to satisfy your taste buds. Donohue calls it his One Tun Imperial Stout (nicknamed OTIS) and a small batch of bottles made it out of the brewery.

On first glance the label is very similar to Hops on Rye, it’s simple and recognizable. The fine print also indicates that you’re up against an ABV of 10% for this brew. The beer inside pours a thick, dark black-brown color, with a finger of frothy chocolate head forming atop. The head lingers around for quite some time, finally fading down leaving behind lots of thick lace in the process.

The aroma is full of rich roasted dark chocolate with a bit of sweeter milk chocolate, some roasted coffee, and a bit of earthiness. The high ABV does come through a bit as well. When you open this bottle, let it warm up a bit to the recommended 45 to 50 degrees to really get the most out of the aroma.

When the beer hits the tongue it starts off strong. There’s lots of dark roasted chocolate flavor alongside some licorice and coffee with just a touch of sweet dark fruit flavor as well. Through the middle, some sweeter milk chocolate flavors take over for a bit with some earthy hop flavor.

The finish is a return back to darker bitter chocolate and coffee flavors with a just a touch of warming alcohol coming though. The chocolate flavor really lingers on the tongue for quite some time, but the roasted flavors provide a bit of dryness that keeps you coming back for more. The beer feels rich and full bodied with mild level of carbonation. It feels thick and viscous on the tongue, but still has a smoothness to it keep it drinkable.

OTIS is a savory slow sipper and a fantastic example of great Imperial Stout. So many Imperial Stouts are too big and in the process lose control of their balance, but not this one. The flavors are quite bold and strong, but the body and mouth feel match up, creating a well-balanced beer overall. If you have never had a Firehouse beer (or you’re already a fan of Hops on Rye), I definitely recommend you give it a shot.

Say Hello to Our New Event Calendar

During the post SF Beer Week lull, it was time for some website upgrades. For months the site’s event calendar has been at the top of the list for an overhaul and after a few days of testing the final product is ready. It’s a little more user friendly, orderly and has some new functions that we think you’ll find really helpful.

Now when you arrive on the calendar page the whole month will be displayed on a full page and you can simply hover over each event for the basic details. It’s a quick and easy way to capture and process a whole month of events. If you need more info just click again and you’ll go to the full event page with a map, event link and more. If you prefer a simple list opposed to the calendar view, just hit the button in the upper right hand corner.

Another big upgrade is the addition of venue pages where you can find more information about a particular location and see a complete list of scheduled events. If you have a favorite spot, simply bookmark the page and return later for updates. There are only a handful of venues on the site right now, but in a month you’ll find a lot more.

Social media sharing is also a new feature built into the calendar. If you find an event you want to tell your friends about, just hover over the social media toolbar on the event page and you can share it on a bunch of different accounts.

The last new function we think you might like is the ability to import events to your iCal or Google calendar. On each event page you’ll find the associated icons in the lower right hand corner. Just click on either one and the event will be placed directly on your calendar so you won’t easily forget.

All of the upgrades and visual improvements should make your experience on the site a little better. We’ll continue to hunt down all the latest news about events so you don’t have to struggle. If you know of any events that aren’t on our calendar, please let us know by contacting us or submitting the details.

Lastly, our monthly summary post of upcoming events, published on the 1st day of each month, has come to an end. While it may have been helpful, it was not always up-to-date. Events are often announced by bars and breweries only days before they occur. Instead, we’ll be tweeting and updating Facebook more often about new and upcoming events. You’ll also find a link to the current month’s list of events in the sidebar for easy access.

We hope you like the changes and thanks for following along.